Annual campsite

Annual campsite
Comfort campsite 31/03-22/10-202312.950,00 DKK
Large campsite trailer/tent31/03-22/10-202311.450,00 DKK
Trailer/tent31/03-22/10-202312.150,00 DKK
Winter storage 22.10-2022/31-03-2023700 DKK
Extra charge adult 31/03-22/10-2023300 DKK
Extra charge child 31/03-22/10-2023225 DKK


Outer harbor 31/03-22/10-20233.500,00 DKK
Inner harbor 31/03-22/10-20233.300,00 DKK
Jolly-boat site 31/03-22/10-2023700 DKK
Overnight stay in boat/guestcard Free warm water HFC 500 DKK
Boat parking Winter season 200 DKK
Boat trailer parking season200 DKK

Season site

Season pitch
Preseason31/03-25/06-20234.950 DKK
Large space caravan/tent31/03-25/06-20235.350 DKK
Extra adult31/03-25/06-2023175 DKK
Extra child31/03-25/06-202385 DKK
Summer season pitch07/07-22/10-20237.800,00 DKK
Extra adult07/07-22/10-2023175 DKK
Extra child07/07-22/10-2023125 DKK
Autumn season04/08-22/10-20233.650 DKK
Extra adult04/08-22/10-2023125 DKK
Extra child04/08-22/10-202375 DKK


Power pack 11-50 kWh.250 DKK
Power pack 251-100 kWh. 500 DKK
Power pack 3101-150 kWh. 750 DKK
Power pack 4151-200 kWh. 1000 DKK
Power pack 5201-250 kWh. 1250 DKK
Power pack 6251-300 kWh. 1500 DKK
Power pack 7301-350 kWh. 1750 DKK
Power pack 8351-400 kWh. 2000 DKK
Power pack 9401-450 kWh. 2250 DKK
Power pack 10451-500 kWh. 2500 DKK
  • Guestcard included in the price.¤ = daily visit free of charge & overnight stay on own ½ off the daily price
  • Children are free until the age of 18
  • Annulment of the season site and the boat site
  • If the reservation is cancelled until 60 days before arrival we refund the payment.
  • If the reservation is cancelled after 60 days, but earlier than 30 days we keep 1000 DKK.
  • In case of cancellation of a reservation after more than 30 days, 50% will be lost.
  • # = The pier has to be reparired and maintained. You own it yourself. The rates are between 1.000 DKK – 3.500 DKK. It is refunded after rebuy.

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