We love dogs!

Dogs are welcome at Humlum Camping

We have a lot of guests who bring their dogs to Humlum Camping.

Therefore we have taken actions that both you and your dog can enjoy your camping vacation to the fullest.

We have a special dog shower where it is possible to wash your dog and give him special fur treatment.

We also have a place called the dog island, which can be entered over a little bridge. The dogs are allowed to run free without leash; it is required that the dog obeys.

We have our own dog island!

The dog island is a so called Natura 2000 area, which is home to wildlife.
These animals are used to dogs.

It is possible for the dogs to swim in the fjord and there is enough space to play at Humlum Camping.

We keep activities for dogs

On our dog island are plenty waterholes to play in. Afterwards the dogs can swim in the jord or you can clean your pet in the dog shower. It is great for the fur and a lot of fun. We have a variety of grooming products as well as toys and food in our shop.

We offer special activities for your dogs each year. Please check our
Facebook page for updates.

Your dog must be on a leash at our campground.

We are looking forward to welcome you and your dog at Humlum Camping

Pictures from the campsite